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Dimming Basics

Monday, Jul 21 2014, 11:04PM

There are various controllable lighting options that will dim your lights for ambiance or energy efficiency.  Dimming lights 20% saves approximately 20% in energy savings.   Controllable lighting solutions can be pretty simple for a single room or complex for total building lighting control.  There are several components in a controllable lighting system: a dimmable lamp, dimming ballast, dimming control including dimmer and an optional sensor.  


What Are Fluorescent Ballast Starting Methods?

Friday, Feb 14 2014, 12:00AM

ballast startingA fluorescent light ballast converts the input voltage, typically 120 VAC to 480 VAC in North America, to the proper voltage needed to establish an arc between the two electrodes. A ballast can use various starting methods depending on the type of lamp and its application.

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