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Electronic Metal Halide

About Electronic Metal Halide and eHID Ballasts

Electronic high-intensity discharge ballasts (eHID) are intended to replace their predecessor, the magnetic ballast, for use with metal halide lamps. eHID ballasts share many of the benefits of other electronic ballast types, such as having more consistent and efficient light output, as well as being much smaller and lighter than magnetic ballasts. Electronic ballasts also offer significant benefits in lamp life, and typically, replacement of a magnetic ballast with an electronic ballast is the most cost effective long-term decision. Our selection of eHID ballasts come in a range of available wattages, from 20 Watt to 70 Watt. This is thanks to the eHID ballasts’ increased efficiency, allowing for the same lumen output at a fraction of the wattage required for traditional magnetic ballasts.
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