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About Transformers

Our catalog includes three types of transformers, Step Down, Low Voltage, and Neon Transformers. Despite their specific utilizations, all three of these types of transformers are designed to convert input voltage either up or down to the voltage required for their specific application. A Step Down transformer can be found in a wide range of electrical appliances. In lighting, however, Step Down transformers are typically used alongside ballasts or LED drivers. They are needed when the initial input voltage is too high for the ballast or driver to use, so a transformer is required to “step down” the voltage to a usable level. Low Voltage transformers have a similar function, but typically use a lower voltage than Step Down transformers. We carry a great selection of transformers from brands such as Keystone and Hatch.
Neon transformers, as the name suggests, are used to power neon signs and other neon lighting fixtures. Neon transformers are designed to both “step up” and “step down” the voltage sent to the neon to ensure a consistent level of light. Our catalog includes both indoor and outdoor rated neon transformers, as well as dimming compatible transformers. This includes neon transformers from brands such as Allanson and France Lighting Solutions.
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