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High Pressure Sodium

About High Pressure Sodium Ballast

Similar to other HID and eHID ballasts, high-pressure sodium (HPS) ballasts provide the best wattage to lumen percentage while simultaneously greatly increasing the lifespan of both the ballast and the bulb itself. Due to the usage of HPS lamps in outdoor lighting, particularly streetlights, it's even more important that the ballast works to maintain a consistent light output and a long service life. The most common type of HPS ballast is the “coil and core” magnetic ballast. These tend to be found in nearly every HPS lighting system and come in a range of wattages from 35 Watt to 1000 Watt. Additionally, we also carry F-Can ballasts, which are best suited for applications where the noise of a coil and core ballast is a concern, such as in home or office lighting. Search our catalog of hundreds of HPS ballasts from top brands like Universal, Keystone, Philips Advance, and more!
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