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LED Wall Pack Fixtures

Our Selection of LED Wall Pack Fixtures

Wall Pack LED fixtures are the perfect solution for outdoor lighting without sacrificing efficiency or style. Unlike traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixtures, LED outdoor lighting fixtures do not waste nearly as much energy as unwanted heat. This allows LED light fixtures to have 10 times the lifespan as other lighting fixtures with half the amount of maintenance required. This is especially important for Wall Pack LED fixtures and other outdoor lighting fixtures where safety is paramount. A non-LED fixture may burn out prematurely or begin to dim slowly over time and in the case of outdoor lighting, these issues can lead to serious occupational hazards. LED outdoor lighting fixtures cut out the headaches of fixture ballast maintenance, worries about lifespan, and even the high energy bills that are common complaints with fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixtures.

The selection of LED Wall Pack Lights available at BulbsDepot allows you to choose from a wide range of fixtures that best suit your specific needs. We carry traditional LED Wall Pack fixtures as well as a great variety of full cutoff wall packs and door / entrance lighting fixtures. This includes field selectable lights, rotating wall packs, and adjustable fixtures as well. Shop with confidence knowing that BulbsDepot carries LED Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures from only the most trusted brands such as Satco, RAB Lighting, and Westgate.

Special Features of LED Wall Pack Fixtures

On top of the energy saving efficiency of LED Wall Pack lighting fixtures, our selection of modern outdoor LED light fixtures include a number of special features that allow for a greater level of user customization. These options not only improve user experience, but they also provide a greater level of safety and security without compromising the efficiency of these LED lighting fixtures. Alongside having options for 0-10v dimming control, our Wall Pack LED fixtures include options for selectable color temperature, ranging from 3000K/4000K/5000K, as well as selectable wattages that allow for better control of power usage by the lighting fixture. The durability of LED Wall Pack fixtures makes them perfect for wet locations and several of our options are certified for use in hazardous locations. There are also options available for emergency power backup to allow for continued illumination even in the case of power outages.

Other options available for our selection of LED Wall Packs include compatibility with lighting controllers. As well as the pairing of these fixtures to a photocell for improved efficiency during the day when the fixture may not be needed. LED wall packs are a great option for outdoor lighting, providing energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination for a variety of applications. Whether you need to light up a parking lot, walkway, or building exterior, LED wall packs offer a versatile solution that can be customized to meet your specific needs. With options for different wattages and voltages, you can easily find the right LED wall pack to suit your space and budget. Additionally, the inclusion of a photocell allows for automatic operation, ensuring that your lights are only on when needed, saving energy and reducing costs. Whether you prefer a traditional style with a wide lens for maximum light spread or a more focused cutoff design for targeted illumination, LED wall packs offer a range of options to enhance the safety and visibility of your outdoor space.

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