New from Lutron: The RadioRA3

New from Lutron: The RadioRA3

Lutron Electronics’ latest innovation in lighting control systems, the RadioRA3, was just released in January 2022. The RadioRA3 is a groundbreaking advancement in system controllers, utilizing Lutron’s new all-in-one processor. Features included in the RadioRA3 package are a wide range of controls using the latest in capacitive touch technology. This newest release is just another example of how Lutron has been on the cutting-edge of whole-home lighting systems.

RadioRA3 Processor and Software

The RadioRA3 is backwards compatible with Lutron’s RadioRA2 and RA2 Select. According to a press release from Lutron, the RadioRA3 utilizes their ultra-reliable ClearConnect® RF technology, allowing for the processor unit to control up to 200 Lutron devices. Lutron also plans to implement the ability to pair two RA3 processors to create a single system of up to 400 devices. For a complete list of compatible Lutron devices, see here.

The RadioRA3 is also significantly easier to install. Setup is simplified thanks to Lutron’s built-in QuickFind software. Additionally, the RadioRA3 is powered by PoE connected to a network router. This means that the processor does not require a power supply or a connection to a 120v outlet. All that is required is to connect the RadioRA3 processor to your network router via a cat5e cable. Lutron also provides a PoE injector with their RadioRA3 processor kit.

That’s not all Lutron has been doing to streamline the setup process for the RadioRA3. The latest processor software for the RadioRA3 allows for easy device management across an entire system or divided by floor, room, or sub-room. This new software allows for a quick and simple upgrade from the existing RadioRA2 infrastructure to the new RadioRA3 system. The new RadioRA3 software also uses a new app-based editing feature, allowing for remote service programming. This greatly simplifies the troubleshooting process for both you and your client. According to Lutron, the RadioRA3 uses their LEAP API to allow for direct system programming with the top control brands’ design software. Lutron proudly states that their software works with more connected brands than any other dedicated lighting control or motorized shading system. Compatible brands include Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google, Sonos, and many more.

RadioRA3 Accessories

In addition to the advancements of the RadioRA3 central processor are the brand-new Sunnata RF Keypads. The Sunnata RF Keypad packages include optional Touch Dimmers with PRO LED+ Technology as well as RF Companion Dimmers and Switches. The Sunnata RF Keypads are the first to include the Sunnata light bar and user programmable lighting preset levels exclusive to the RadioRA3 system. According to Lutron, their PRO LED+ Technology provides superior dimming for LED, Halogen, Incandescent, MLV, and ELV lighting. The Sunnata RF Switches and Dimmers with the RadioRA3 system are compatible with the use of Lutron’s app, keypads, Pico remotes, sensors, and other connected devices. All of the Sunnata RF Keypads, Switches, and Dimmers come in a variety of colors and finishes with various configurations of buttons. The companion wallplates are sold separately.

More information as well as technical support for the RadioRA3 can be found here on Lutron’s website. For an overview of the entire RadioRA3 line of devices, including installation guides, see here.

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