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About Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts

As the name suggests, fluorescent dimming ballasts are made to integrate full or partial range dimming for fluorescent lighting systems. Implementing dimming is an excellent way to save energy costs for less trafficked areas that do not require full lighting at all times. Dimming fluorescents by 20% while unoccupied can lead to up to 20% in energy savings. Dimming ballasts can be used with full range dimming or step dimming, which can have limited dimming range or limited control such as 3 Step Dimming (0%, 40% 100%). Additionally, nearly all electronic dimming ballasts are compatible with existing fluorescent ballasts and can be paired with various accessories such as, daylight and occupancy sensors, and dimming control switches. And just like with other electronic fluorescent ballasts, electronic dimming ballasts come in a selection of starting methods, such as rapid start and instant start.
For more information on the benefits of dimming ballasts, check out our article on the subject, Dimming Basics. Our catalog of fluorescent dimming ballasts are compatible with several bulb types, including T5, T5HO, T8, T12HO, as well as compact fluorescent lamps. Available on our website are the best and most well-known manufacturers of dimming fluorescent ballasts, such as Philips Advance, Universal, Fulham, and much more!
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