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Fluorescent Ballasts

About Fluorescent Ballast

In order to turn on a fluorescent lamp, a ballast is required to convert the input voltage to the proper voltage needed to establish an arc between the two electrodes inside the lamp. This arc then heats up the metal halide gas inside the lamp, creating ultraviolet light that causes the phosphor coating inside the lamp to glow. This method of creating spectrums of visible light is known as “fluorescence.” There are two types of fluorescent ballasts, magnetic and electronic. We carry both types in our store; however, electronic ballasts have rapidly begun to replace their magnetic predecessors. Electronic ballasts tend to have a longer lifespan and are more energy efficient in comparison to magnetic ballasts. Additionally, electronic ballasts come in a selection of starting methods, the most common being instant start and programmed start. Depending on the application, each starting method has its own benefits for increasing bulb lifespan and efficiency. For more information on which is best for you, see our blog post, Electronic Ballast Starting Methods, which explains each method in detail.
We carry a great range of ballasts, each one is built to work with a specific type of fluorescent tube, from T5 to T8, T9, T10, and T12 ballasts. Also included in our catalog are a variety of specialty high-output (HO) and 2D ballasts. Check out our great selection of dimming ballast too! Available on our website are the best and most well-known manufacturers of fluorescent ballasts, such as Philips Advance, Universal, Fulham, and much more!
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