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Lighting for Stairwells |

Tuesday, Sep 10 2013, 12:00AM

Of all the places in a home or office building, stairwells seem to be the place that gets skimped on when it comes to style.  All the flash and fashion statements tend to go into rooms that are being used all the time and the stairs are just an afterthought.  

Lighting For Nightclubs |

Tuesday, Sep 3 2013, 12:00AM

When it comes to the ubiquitous ‘big night out’, most of us head to a place that has great music and a wonderful atmosphere.  The atmosphere is usually provided by the lighting system which can really draw people in.  Whether it is a cool and chic place, or one that has thumping music going on for most of the time, it is the lighting which doubles the effect and which people are drawn to.

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