Ceiling fans with lighting attached has been with us for many years.  Now though, these kinds of fixtures have taken on a chic and sophisticated look that is not just utilitarian.  They can range from delicate filigree kind of blades to wooden blades which really give the room a touch of old fashioned style or new world elegance.

Of course, fans need some headroom and most modern homes these days just do not have the vaulted ceilings high enough to install a fan plus a separate light fitting.  Hence the fashion for having both joined in one fitting.  This also means that one does not get the constant flashing of light as the fan blades sweep under light fittings.  Instead, the lights are hung below the blades.

As with fans for smaller or larger rooms, lights too have to be bright enough for the environment that they will be used in.  Lights attached to fans are usually multi headed to throw light to the four corners of the room.  They are also built this way to keep them looking stylish.  To change up the style occasionally, change the shades on the fittings to fit in with, or contrast with, the fan or the surrounding décor in the room.