Problem Area LightingThere are several areas in a home that can produce problems when it comes to lighting.  For example, some kitchens are tiny and have sloping ceilings added into the mix.  These are notoriously difficult to light if left to the uninitiated.  However, there is always a way through this problem if some advice is sought.

If the ceiling is sloped from an apex, there is room for two pendant style light fittings to throw light into all the corners.  If the slope is only one sided, fit in lights to shine indirectly across the kitchen.  This could mean putting a fitting above a door or window.  The idea is to bounce the light off the ceiling to provide a background light enough to see what is going on. 

For extra lighting, add some under cabinet lighting so that work surfaces are not in shadow.  If the cabinets have space above them, put in some fill lights here too for a trendy look. 

Even lighting in salons and spas need some special care when it comes to lighting because of the work that goes on there.  For example, mirrors that reflects people when they are having their makeup done need a special light to show what someone really looks like.  If these lights are wrong, the client will look a little clownish when the job is finished.

Try to ensure that the lighting here is as near to daylight as is possible so that the true effect of the makeup is obvious.  Replicate this same kind of lighting to bathroom mirrors at home so that makeup bought under perfect light conditions in the store can be used at home without that disappointing effect that most women get.